Shannon + Brad – Northy County Photography

We had the pleasure of shooting both engagement shots and wedding photos for Brad and Shannon. I actually knew Shannon way back when from Sunday School and we reconnected on Facebook. It was really fun hanging out with them for their two shoots. They had their wedding at the Escondido Country Club and had a fun band playing during dinner. Congratulations you guys and we wish you the best!!


oh man, this was awsome! The wind picked up and off went the veil!


Shannon’s cousin is into photography and happened to bring his Hasselblad for fun – and of course we had to use it in the shoot! It not only fit in with their vintage style but it was just cool!


yummy cake


The classic getaway car


Nurtured by Nature – Valley Center Photography

We had such a great time shooting the animals at Nurtured by Nature. They are a non-profit organization who bring unique experiences to disadvantaged kids. I used to work with kids like the ones who get to do this program and it is so cool to me that there are people willing to give back like this. In fact their story is pretty cool, after their house burned down in the 2007 San Diego fires this couple was so overwhelmed by their community support to help them get back on their feet that they decided to start this program. They were animal collectors before and so they worked on growing their collection and now they have all sorts of animals you wouldn’t expect to see in Southern California, like Asian small-claw otters, Fennec foxes, a wallabe, a sloth and others. They are updating their website and flyers so we did a photo shoot with the animals and boy was that challenging! Some of them were posers like the Armadillos but others had ADHD and couldn’t focus for a second like the otters. They were so cute and friendly but fast! I think we got some pretty cute ones nonetheless and we even got to swim with them later 🙂




If you’re interested in going to their fundraiser, the info is here on their facebook fan page. Here’s their website they haven’t updated it yet but it has info about this program.

here are a couple behind the scenes shots, a little perk from the shoot 🙂



enjoy this little slideshow that we made for their fundraiser as well!


favorite things – part 3

fall. i know it’s weird for a california girl to even have a favorite season since we have such moderate temperatures out here but i do have a favorite. and it’s fall. it wasn’t always my favorite. i used to like summer the best because we could swim in our pool ever day and i always wished i had a summer birthday so i could have pool parties. but now i have many more reasons for fall to be my favorite. i love the subtle weather changes especially the crisp mornings when i can wear a jacket and scarf for at least part of the day. i love that some of our trees get that it’s fall and we actually see some of them changing but i also love that on a single street some trees are in fall mode, some in winter mode and some look like they are ready for the spring! i love that i got married in the fall and get to celebrate every year in my favorite season. i love the colors of fall and decorating my house. i love the festivities and holidays especially the food that goes along with it…like pumpkin muffins! and there’s something about fall that makes me pensive and creative and i love feeling that way. maybe it’s the shorter days or the cooler weather, whatever it is i’m happy when it’s fall.


what’s your favorite season?

wild thoughts

so jared and I saw Where the Wild Things Are and we really liked it. We didn’t really have any ideas about it before we went except we had heard that it is NOT a children’s movie. I would agree with that, except I wouldn’t really call it an adults’ movie either. I think it’s a movie for adults about their inner childhood angst…sort of.

I mean, this book came out when we were all kids so it’s kind of made for all of our childhoods and not children now, does that make sense. Anyway, I liked where they went with it especially because of the kids I work with. It’s almost as if they took a look at the type of child that would imagine a world like he did in the book and that type of child is one that has some issues. Each of the “wild things” that he meets are bits and pieces of his personality and that’s what really makes the story deep. They have fun, get some of the wild out, but deep down are lonely and want someone to lead them and be their friend.

So we liked the story, but even more than that, the kid who played Max was definitely a good actor, the cinematography was amazing and the soundtrack was awesome! We also like that they used a lot of practical effects and not too many computer graphics.

So see for yourself! And if you have seen it, what are you thoughts?


Babies Talia & Liam – Twin Infant Session, San Diego infant photography

Twins! We’ve had the pleasure of shooting two sets of twins this year so far. This little boy and girl were really sweet and they are the twins from the Brit Milah and baby naming I posted a while back here and the teaser here (yes, it’s been a while since that teaser!). This session was all about them and the mama had some fun props to dress them up with!

So enjoy this pair of cuties 🙂