doolin, ireland – ’09

blogging some travels by city…here’s one from ’09

this was our favorite favorite city in ireland, quaint and lovely with lots of fun experiences.

we bring an old tripod with us when we travel so we can do pics with the two of us…this one took a few tries :/

one of the neat things about ireland is just finding old ruins wherever we went. it’s so cool to see countries with such a rich history

well well well…

i don’t want to brag, but i do make a lot of friends when i travel..

this town has a population of 500 and there are just as many signs

apparently big foot was irish, who knew?

definitely enjoyed the night life here, the guy on the right was helping encourage young musicians to think outside the box by using other objects to make music. he bought the washboard and thimbles for under 10 bucks.

we chatted with someone at our b&b and they asked if we had gone to this little cottage. we hadn’t so we decided to check it out. they sell pottery that they make and they have the pieces set out all over the yard and garage. when we went inside, we found a note that said that if they weren’t home to just leave money in the tin. what a different world, no one trusts people like that here! it was one of our favorite memories from this trip and i have our little pot sitting on my kitchen window sill. of course we just stole the pot, suckers!!

just kidding, we paid of course 🙂

Ashleigh & Courtland – San Diego Photography


and i’ll tell you a secret, it was the only one we did, these two are rock stars!

courtland and ashleigh had a small ceremony in courtland’s mom’s backyard. we shot their ceremony and some portraits afterward. i’ve known courland since he was born and i was in third grade, his sister and i have been friends since we were three, useless facts for ya!

while on the pier, people kept stopping to thank courtland for serving our country, and courtland left soon after the wedding to go serve in korea, keep up the good work!

a stolen shot 🙂

congrats you two lovebirds!!