Photo Friday #31

I was just looking through some old pics and realized that I’m horrible at posting pictures in a timely manner. We took this technically before our house was finalized but I’m sure glad we did because “they” (whoever they are) took it down fast! It’s funny to look at this pic again because I’m wearing long sleeves and a scarf…it obviously was before June when it got HOT! 

Anyway, here’s to home ‘ownership’!

Photo Friday #29 & #30

Baby time! A couple months ago, we were going to have dinner with our friends the Rose family. A couple hours before dinner we all decided that it would be great to have an impromptu infant session with their newborn. She is such a cutie. So to make up for being a week late with photo Friday, here are 3 of my favorites from the shoot. I’ll post more on my flickr when I get a chance…actually I haven’t been good about posting any of our photography stuff on here. We’re working on a new blog actually so when we get that up and running we’ll probably put more of the photo stuff on there. 

So here’s a family photo with everyone (she wasn’t too happy about this one):

Here she is when she had woken up for a bit, such a pretty little girl:

And the token baby’s feet in daddy’s hands… the toes are so little!!

Well, enjoy and if you’re looking for baby photography or families, portraits, etc…, we’re doing that now along with our video business so send people our way!