2010 Christmas Card Video

Hey everyone, we hope you are having a great time this holiday season! Every year we do a video Christmas card (our little video nerd tradition) and so if you are new here, you can click the links for our past cards (2007, 2008, 2009).

So enjoy number four of our video Christmas card tradition 🙂



Here’s a picture too…and no, it has nothing to do with the video…maybe next year!

Baby Avery – San Diego Infant Photography

Oh wow, what a cutie!! Check out the pictures of her family while she was still in the ‘oven’.  And here she is at only 7 days old 🙂 Here are some lovely pictures of the now family of four!

What a pretty little girl 🙂



Someone didn’t want to be left out 🙂



We so enjoyed being a part of this little girl’s first week of life, hope you enjoyed the images!


favorite things – part 6

today is my birthday. birthdays in december are always a little tricky. my parents were good about keeping christmas and my bday separate but i still would have loved to have swim parties like my brother got to do every year. as i’ve gotten older, i’ve grown to love my december birthday, the cooler weather, the decorations, and…ever since college…themed parties! my roommates and i started doing them for each other our senior year and i’ve been hooked! who says you should only get to dress up in a costume for halloween? not me 🙂 so here’s a photo from our latest – we’re dressed like hermey the elf who wanted to be a dentist and yukon cornelius from the old school claymation rudolph movie!

what theme would you have for a party?

Wilensky Fam – Photos & Fusion – La Jolla Photography

Cute couple + cute kids + cute poodle = one awesome photo shoot! Check out this awesome family and the shoot we did for their Hanukkah cards!


love love this one!







We also did a fusion video with them incorporating photos and video so check that out too!!

favorite things – part 5

i know some of our ‘favorite things’ don’t come as much of a surprise [i’ll have to work on that] but seriously, thanksgiving is such a fun time. my favorite thing about it is hosting. over the years my family has celebrated in a variety of ways and it’s been a fun, changing holiday for me. for jared it has been more of a traditional tradition if that makes sense and merging holidays has been so fun for both of our families. this year, we hosted and it was great! both of our families breaking bread together under one roof, the smell of mulled wine and the brisk cool air…mmm

and i tried something new…i sewed!

so potentially this could be a new favorite thing, we’ll see. but i made pumpkins for everyone to take as favors in wonderfully warm fall colors.

so, what’s your favorite thing this fall/thanksgiving?