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favorite things – part 3

fall. i know it’s weird for a california girl to even have a favorite season since we have such moderate temperatures out here but i do have a favorite. and it’s fall. it wasn’t always my favorite. i used to like summer the best because we could swim in our pool ever day and i always wished i had a summer birthday so i could have pool parties. but now i have many more reasons for fall to be my favorite. i love the subtle weather changes especially the crisp mornings when i can wear a jacket and scarf for at least part of the day. i love that some of our trees get that it’s fall and we actually see some of them changing but i also love that on a single street some trees are in fall mode, some in winter mode and some look like they are ready for the spring! i love that i got married in the fall and get to celebrate every year in my favorite season. i love the colors of fall and decorating my house. i love the festivities and holidays especially the food that goes along with it…like pumpkin muffins! and there’s something about fall that makes me pensive and creative and i love feeling that way. maybe it’s the shorter days or the cooler weather, whatever it is i’m happy when it’s fall.


what’s your favorite season?