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Upcycling #1 and Pranks

two things we’ve had a lot of fun with lately are upcycling (because i don’t like wasting) and harmless pranks! i have some fun step by step upcycling posts to share later, but for now i have some small finished projects that i did to redo a wall in our living room.

my grandma gave me a whole box of old cameras, lenses and filters etc. i had them sitting in a box for the longest time not knowing what to do with them. we did a little redecorating and wanted to do movie/camera/film sort of theme. so this is what i did with some of the lenses and filters:

and a few flashes – i wish i didn’t have to use so much glue but i couldn’t figure out how to keep them in there. they are also in an old crayon box i picked up from an antique store 🙂

and this one is a bit more personal. my grandparents had all of their 8mm home movies in a box stored away for decades. i can’t remember why i had them, but we finally digitized them and ended up with all the boxes which i couldn’t throw away. they are just so cool looking! so i made a little collage of them. the fun part about them is that we’ll be able to show our kids what our grandparents had to do in order to see their home movies!

and we also put a little montage of outdated maps together. these are all cities we’ve been to:

now for the prank. it all started when we were watching gentlemen broncos with our friends over at zelo photography. they made a time capsule and blew on a friendship stone…well it’s kind of a weird movie and you just have to watch it. aaaaanyway…so since we live about 2 miles away from each other we talked about giving each other keys so we can watch each others’ houses when we’re out of town.

so this is how they gave us our key:

we were laughing so hard, especially when we opened it and found the key on top of the friendship stone 🙂

so, we had to come up with something just as good for giving them our key. my grandma also gives me things that aren’t so useful sometimes, like these ‘old’ cameras from the 90’s. i did save them just in case and then when we were at a flea market, i thought of it!!

a camera with antlers! random i know, but i think it turned out pretty cool.

and her’s the finished product and we put the key in the film slot 🙂
and, since they happened to be out of town when we finished it, we thought it would be fun to play a little prank and sprinkle their place with army men. unfortunately i couldn’t find any army men so cowboys and indians it was 🙂

i think it fits in really well on their entry table!

oh and these picture frames below were empty so we filled them too.

now i’m really in the pranking mood, and trying to think of who and what will be next!
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Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a wonderful and eventful 2012! I know we sure did, and we even survived another end of the world fake out, we’re still here:)Since we’re still here, you get the wonderful opportunity to see another masterpiece of ours. If you don’t know what you have happened upon, we do an annual Christmas card film. Here are all of our past years’ films if you haven’t seen them: 20112011 bloopers20102009 & 2008.


Oh, and be sure to have your 3d glasses ready…

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happy halloween from us!

morticia and gomez addams – dress and jacket from goodwill, wig bought online, other details from around the hous

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where it all started…if you’ve seen my facebook album full of what we call mocktography, you should know that it started way back in 2004. i was living abroad and before long, photos of statues and just posing and smiling became quite boring. i honestly don’t remember how we thought of it, but it became a hobby of ours, and jared and i have run with it. so here’s a few mock photos of when it all began.

we always enjoyed making other people pose to be part of the collection too 🙂

stay tuned for more fine art mocktography
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2010 Christmas Card Video

Hey everyone, we hope you are having a great time this holiday season! Every year we do a video Christmas card (our little video nerd tradition) and so if you are new here, you can click the links for our past cards (2007, 2008, 2009).

So enjoy number four of our video Christmas card tradition 🙂



Here’s a picture too…and no, it has nothing to do with the video…maybe next year!

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Nurtured by Nature – Valley Center Photography

We had such a great time shooting the animals at Nurtured by Nature. They are a non-profit organization who bring unique experiences to disadvantaged kids. I used to work with kids like the ones who get to do this program and it is so cool to me that there are people willing to give back like this. In fact their story is pretty cool, after their house burned down in the 2007 San Diego fires this couple was so overwhelmed by their community support to help them get back on their feet that they decided to start this program. They were animal collectors before and so they worked on growing their collection and now they have all sorts of animals you wouldn’t expect to see in Southern California, like Asian small-claw otters, Fennec foxes, a wallabe, a sloth and others. They are updating their website and flyers so we did a photo shoot with the animals and boy was that challenging! Some of them were posers like the Armadillos but others had ADHD and couldn’t focus for a second like the otters. They were so cute and friendly but fast! I think we got some pretty cute ones nonetheless and we even got to swim with them later 🙂




If you’re interested in going to their fundraiser, the info is here on their facebook fan page. Here’s their website they haven’t updated it yet but it has info about this program.

here are a couple behind the scenes shots, a little perk from the shoot 🙂



enjoy this little slideshow that we made for their fundraiser as well!