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Rotorua, NZ ’10

 here’s another post from our super last minute new zealand trip in 2010. we posted a little teaser from hobbiton and now here’s a little something from rotorua. it’s a stinky town because of all of the thermal activity around there. on our way there, we had some lunch and we were laughing at the […]

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you are what you eat part 5

you are what you eat part 5 – sweets this is part 5 of a healthy eating series, to read the rest go here: Read part one here, read part two here, read part three here, read part four here another common thing that people say to us when we say we went all natural is ‘wow, you […]

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Boston, MA – ’12

the first and last stop of our new england trip we actually had planned on only going to boston because we just had about a week to travel, but when us californians realized how much we could drive in a short amount of time, we decided to do all the new england states! so we […]

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