Our trip video!

So since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I only finished this video a couple days ago, I figured it would be appropriate to share it with you now…

Jared and I decided to take a longer trip over the summer of ’09 and visit some places we’d always wanted to go. Some of the best advice we’ve gotten from married couples about marriage is to make good memories the first few years. Since we don’t have kids yet, now is the time to explore the world together. We chose Ireland because that’s a place we both have wanted to go for a long time. We decided on the Netherlands because I still have family there – and so we could “discover my roots” hah! And we thought the history of Berlin would be cool to see as well. We definitely had some fun adventures as you will see through this video. We just brought our “handycam” video camera which we hand held so excuse the lack of quality and the bumps! hah 🙂


favorite things – part 1

as you can probably tell, we’re really into trees! i’m not really sure what brought on our love for trees or why we both love them so much but there is just something about them that draws us in. i think part of it is how unique they all are, like they all have different personalities. this particular tree we found on our first anniversary out at the salton sea. se decided to drive around the entire sea (which takes quite a while) and we found this lonely tree in a completely deserted area right as the sun was setting. there’s just something really interesting and eerie about it…like it’s sad or lonely.so i introduced myself.

what’s your favorite creation?

The Bennett Family – Encinitas

We went out with the Bennett family to do a fun family shoot at the beach. Their daughter Gigi is such a cutie!!


She was really in awe of the water, sand and rocks…oh to be a child again!


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Designs by Janelle – San Diego

Janelle is super talented at making jewelry! Here are just a few of her awesome designs! We did this photo session a little more artistic so she could decorate her jewelry party with photos of her jewelry. Check out her website here 🙂


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Tiffany and Aaron – Point Loma

We went down to Point Loma for Tiffany and Aaron’s engagement session. He proposed with her grandmother’s ring, so meaningful and beautiful…


We headed over to the cliffs for a bit, it was very windy and even rained a bit!


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