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Nurtured by Nature – Valley Center Photography

We had such a great time shooting the animals at Nurtured by Nature. They are a non-profit organization who bring unique experiences to disadvantaged kids. I used to work with kids like the ones who get to do this program and it is so cool to me that there are people willing to give back like this. In fact their story is pretty cool, after their house burned down in the 2007 San Diego fires this couple was so overwhelmed by their community support to help them get back on their feet that they decided to start this program. They were animal collectors before and so they worked on growing their collection and now they have all sorts of animals you wouldn’t expect to see in Southern California, like Asian small-claw otters, Fennec foxes, a wallabe, a sloth and others. They are updating their website and flyers so we did a photo shoot with the animals and boy was that challenging! Some of them were posers like the Armadillos but others had ADHD and couldn’t focus for a second like the otters. They were so cute and friendly but fast! I think we got some pretty cute ones nonetheless and we even got to swim with them later 🙂




If you’re interested in going to their fundraiser, the info is here on their facebook fan page. Here’s their website they haven’t updated it yet but it has info about this program.

here are a couple behind the scenes shots, a little perk from the shoot 🙂



enjoy this little slideshow that we made for their fundraiser as well!