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so jared and I saw Where the Wild Things Are and we really liked it. We didn’t really have any ideas about it before we went except we had heard that it is NOT a children’s movie. I would agree with that, except I wouldn’t really call it an adults’ movie either. I think it’s a movie for adults about their inner childhood angst…sort of.

I mean, this book came out when we were all kids so it’s kind of made for all of our childhoods and not children now, does that make sense. Anyway, I liked where they went with it especially because of the kids I work with. It’s almost as if they took a look at the type of child that would imagine a world like he did in the book and that type of child is one that has some issues. Each of the “wild things” that he meets are bits and pieces of his personality and that’s what really makes the story deep. They have fun, get some of the wild out, but deep down are lonely and want someone to lead them and be their friend.

So we liked the story, but even more than that, the kid who played Max was definitely a good actor, the cinematography was amazing and the soundtrack was awesome! We also like that they used a lot of practical effects and not too many computer graphics.

So see for yourself! And if you have seen it, what are you thoughts?


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