Photo Friday #20

So having lived in SE Asia for so long, I got really used to the kinds of desserts they eat…pretty much any kind of fruit on sweetened rice. I even got to the point where I couldn’t eat an entire candy bar because it was just too sweet. Anyway, one of my favorites was mango and sticky rice. When I got back, the hunt was on to find places that sell it here. Most Thai places do when mangoes are in season but it’s actually a pretty expensive dessert…the last time I was craving it I spent $6.50 on it, yikes!!
So I decided, while mangoes are still in season, that I would figure out how to make it myself. Seeing as how mangoes are $0.99, coconut milk and rice are cheap, I can make the same amount of dessert you get in the store for about $2.25 or so. That’s much better 🙂 But of course I do have to make it, oh well.
So here it is! It turned out pretty awesome…and boy approved 🙂

House progress

So we’re already all moved in and a lot of this stuff is already finished, but I figured I’d still post some of the progress pictures since they’re fun.
Here’s the future laundry room. There were some really crappy shelves and awful wood paneling all over the walls so that got ripped out and drywall went up.
The window in the master almost done
We decided to rip out the wood (i know, i know) and put in carpet so we could lounge around in the living room. The wood was really dark and showed every bit of dust. We did leave it in the hallway though.
The painting starts! The color doesn’t really look like this, the blue makes it look weird in the pic.
Dad cutting out trim and baseboards
progress in the laundry room
The hall paint and trim (this picture didn’t rotate for some reason)
Last but not least, The gentleman’s new toy!! Since we have a yard now we needed a lawn mower. He always looks at me like I’m crazy when I say, “let’s stop at that garage sale” but finally I got him to stop at one and check it out! Brand new in the box at a garage sale price!

Photo Friday #19

Today’s photo Friday is a bittersweet one. My opa passed away on Thursday. His health has been fading and I’m so grateful that he is out of pain and that I got a chance to say goodbye. He was a wonderful grandfather and we will all miss him. He and I always had an understanding. He never questioned my living abroad for so long and always wanted to hear about my next great adventure. Since I’m the only granddaughter on that side of the family, he had a bit of a sweet spot for me 🙂 Of course he loved all his grandsons as well. He easily accepted the gentleman as a new grandson in the family when we got married. I’m so happy I was able to know my opa for as long as I did. He had a full life of adventures, travel, farming and family. He loved John Deere tractors and loved having four daughters. He was a tall, strong man but there was always tenderness in his eyes.
Goodbye opa, rest in peace

Photo Friday #18

Well, we’re moving in tomorrow! Yikes. I just hope everything gets done. These past two weeks have been a little nuts: We shot two weddings two weekends in a row (one of them I was in – my mom was the lovely assistant), have been frantically trying to get the house done, pack and got in two accidents, yeah that’s right two!! We were on our way home from one of the weddings and got rear ended while waiting at a light, then a few days later jared was in the Lowe’s parking lot and a guy born in 1922 (not a joke – he saw his ID) backed into him and knocked out one of his front lights. The guy got out of his truck and said “Did I hit something?” and he was like, “Yeah, ME!”
OF COURSE that would happen this week, but 2 really???!?!?! I suppose we’ll laugh about this later?
Well, in any case, there is always comic relief in times of busyness and stress. My mom has been coming over to help me pack this week and she totally mislabeled one of the boxes. It was supposed to say “bonus ROOM” not “rum” hahaha. I do not have such a plethora of rum that I need a separate box for the bonus rum, hah.

Photo Friday #17

“It’s going to look worse before it looks better.”
That’s definitely our current motto for the house. We’ve done a lot of demo and have started putting things back together. Just about one more week and we should be ready to move in!!!
Here are the “worse” pictures. I’ll update the “better” pictures soon:
Here’s my dad, hard at work:
Here are my brothers doing a fine masking job:
The gentleman and N8…not so hard at work 😉 and our ripped out baseboard and trim pile:
The beginnings of a new window, done by N8 and his dad:
The people who lived here before were kinda nasty…so I’m actually cleaning grease off the walls and ceiling so my dad can paint it, yuck!
Demo-ing [nasty] carpet and realizing there was some awesome fake wood tile stuff underneath. Maybe we should keep that?
Starting to demo the guest bath. The wood paneling on the floor was water damaged (really? water damaged in the bathroom!?!? go figure)


Demo is done in the master bath and ready for tile!
The back side of the house. We replaced that large transparent window with a smaller opaque one. Much more “bathroom friendly”, hah.
got the window in!
My brother and jared had some down time so they started putting our pile of rocks (there was a rather large pile of rocks in the side yard) to use…looking good!
Well, that’s it for now. I’ll post more as we go on!