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Photo Friday #18

Well, we’re moving in tomorrow! Yikes. I just hope everything gets done. These past two weeks have been a little nuts: We shot two weddings two weekends in a row (one of them I was in – my mom was the lovely assistant), have been frantically trying to get the house done, pack and got in two accidents, yeah that’s right two!! We were on our way home from one of the weddings and got rear ended while waiting at a light, then a few days later jared was in the Lowe’s parking lot and a guy born in 1922 (not a joke – he saw his ID) backed into him and knocked out one of his front lights. The guy got out of his truck and said “Did I hit something?” and he was like, “Yeah, ME!”
OF COURSE that would happen this week, but 2 really???!?!?! I suppose we’ll laugh about this later?
Well, in any case, there is always comic relief in times of busyness and stress. My mom has been coming over to help me pack this week and she totally mislabeled one of the boxes. It was supposed to say “bonus ROOM” not “rum” hahaha. I do not have such a plethora of rum that I need a separate box for the bonus rum, hah.

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This gave matt and me a good chuckle (the picture, that is). As for the accidents: sucky. But I guess that's the stuff that memories are made of, no?

We'll be with M&G just a few blocks away from you…I think Mom has some plans for us, but if you need anything or have a minute for us to visit you, we'd love to stop by!

Maybe I was spelling it out phonetically? I was also very tired and the neurons were misfiring in my ancient head? Actually, I have no explanation for my mental lapse.