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Photo Friday #20

So having lived in SE Asia for so long, I got really used to the kinds of desserts they eat…pretty much any kind of fruit on sweetened rice. I even got to the point where I couldn’t eat an entire candy bar because it was just too sweet. Anyway, one of my favorites was mango and sticky rice. When I got back, the hunt was on to find places that sell it here. Most Thai places do when mangoes are in season but it’s actually a pretty expensive dessert…the last time I was craving it I spent $6.50 on it, yikes!!
So I decided, while mangoes are still in season, that I would figure out how to make it myself. Seeing as how mangoes are $0.99, coconut milk and rice are cheap, I can make the same amount of dessert you get in the store for about $2.25 or so. That’s much better 🙂 But of course I do have to make it, oh well.
So here it is! It turned out pretty awesome…and boy approved 🙂

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