Project Side Tables

So I was thinking of keeping photo a day for the weekdays and something different on the weekends…maybe a project or recipe or something like that, stuff I can share, ideas and the like.So, here’s project number 1!! This project was jared’s idea actually. We had been looking for side tables for ages, and couldn’t find anything (that we liked) for under $70-80 each!! One day we were in TJMaxx just wandering around and we found these two tables. Now, these tables were UGLY! Don’t be misled by the below photo, this picture was taken after we sanded off all the ugly orangish/brownish quasi-stain that was so cheaply applied to it. It was hard to look past the exterior, but the tables were on clearance, $10 each and he thought, “hey, couldn’t we sand these down and paint them the color we want?” (probably not his exact words, but you get the idea) so we gladly brought them home, bought some paint and got to work!
Sanding them down was comedy. All we had to do was rub a little and all the stain came off. (Like I said, cheaply applied)
Then we added the first and second coat of the first color, a rust/goldenrod mix. This is the base color.

*sidenote* If you notice the Christmas tree behind me, don’t be alarmed, we did this project back in March…oh wait, no I guess you can be alarmed, you caught us, we did not throw our tree away until about April but not because we didn’t try. Our trash guys are picky and wouldn’t take anything that wasn’t in the bin, so it wasn’t until April that we got a saw and cut it up ourselves.

So after the first color, we brought out our second color, a reddish one to match our reddish Anthropologie linen napkins (on clearance for $1.50 by the way) we use decoratively in the living room. We brushed kind of hard so that the rust/goldenrod color would peek through a bit, though you probably can’t tell completely. You can see it better in person.
The final touch was to call dear old dad and ask if he had any finish glaze so that the paint wouldn’t chip. Of course he did because he’s my dad and is handy. I’ll have to do a post later on some of his projects, which are amazing by the way.
And there you have it! Two brand new side tables that look way better than they did and match our decor.Ta Da!

Photo a day – 3

Name spelling: not many peoples’ fortes apparently. I’ve never thought I had that difficult or uncommon a name but honestly about 60% of the time, my name is misspelled: “danyell, dannel, danelle” etc… but probably the most common mistake is spelling it “daniel”. Now, if it were a Hispanic employee, I would have no problem with it because that’s how you pronounce “Danielle” in Spanish, but it’s usually the white people who do it. Here’s how it usually goes down, I order, they ask my name, I say “Danielle”, they write “Daniel”. I wait for my order and the person delivering it yells, “Daniel?” and I go and get it and they say, “oh, Danielle, sorry”. Pretty much happens all the time. Seriously?

Anyway, this photo is from our last day in Hawaii on our honeymoon. This is by far the worst way I’ve ever seen my name butchered. I mean, come on, is anyone even named Nantell? This isn’t logical people!!

I’m guessing I’m not the only one with this problem…how has your name been misspelled before?

Photo a day – 2

Tea: I love it. I usually like loose leaf tea but it’s hard to find in stores and I usually have to buy it online. So the next best thing is Good Earth (or “Good Times” as jared refers to it) My all time favorite is Sweet and Spicy. It’s especially good if you have a cold or if it’s getting cooler outside. YUM!!! I’m so glad it’s finally starting to cool off so that I can curl up and have tea without sweating 🙂 

What’s your favorite kind of tea? Or drink if you’re not a tea drinker…

Photo a day – 1

So, here goes:


This is a more recent photo of some flowers I cut from my very own dahlia plant. I love dahlias and jared bought me this plant about 4 months ago. Now, the months are very important because I have a black thumb. I get it from my mom…she’s killed ever plant/flower she’s ever gotten unless my dad planted it. He has a green thumb on the other hand and is practically Martha Stuart with his garden in the backyard (of course my mom gets all the compliments for it since she’s a female so she MUST have a garden)
Anyway, I’m very proud to say that I’ve kept this plant alive for about 4 months. Jared has probably given me about 5 or 6 potted flowers since we’ve been together and they have all sadly perished except for this one. Not only has it survived this long, but it grew flowers consistently for a couple months and I was able to cut them and put fresh flowers in my house! So, I don’t know if the survival of this plant is because I’m finally learning how to take care of plants or because this dahlia will survive through whatever I do (or not do) to it. Either way, it gives me hope and though it may seem like a small acheivement, it’s a big one to me 🙂 Someday, when I have my own house (not rented I mean) I would love to have a garden including flowers and vegetables and herbs. I’ve been trying to be intentional about what I eat lately and having fresh veges right there in my backyard would help I think. Well, we’ll see!


I didn’t want to start a blog at first because I figured no one would care or read it or I would forget about it or, or, or.But, as I’ve started developing this blog, I’ve come to realize a few things:

— I like doing it! I have always liked writing (whether I’m good at it or not). In fact I used to have a blog before blogs existed! When I was away for a year, my friend helped me start a website. On the first page, I had “news and updates” which was basically a blog and I loved that! (Of course that website is now deceased and I’m hoping now that I’m on a mainstream blogger I won’t run into those same problems)

–I don’t care if I have 50 comments or if not a single soul reads it. I think it’s more for me to flesh things out and have a public photo album.

–I want to be in good habits of keeping track of what happens in my life so that when I have kids I will keep track of theirs.

–probably other reasons too but I just can’t think of them.

NOW, goals for my blog:

–I want to post a photo a day (a photographer I know does this and it’s been really interesting learning about her life in little bits at a time) some old and some new…i’m a storyteller and so i’ll tell stories through pictures…

well, that’s it for now. like i say in the “about me” section, this blog is random and i’d like to keep it that way. whatever goes.

SO, monday’s a good day to start right? i’ll post a photo when i get off work (since i should probably get back to work right now 🙂

Area code 442 vs. 760


So last night, we I went to a hearing in Carlsbad about the new area code switch. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, not many of us did, but they are running out of 760 area codes and decided to change a bunch of us in North County to 442. There are many problems with this switch especially for small business owners like ourselves.


Apparently a bunch of people found out about it (we should have heard about it from the start but I think they were trying to make this a quick and smooth change and we’d just find out about it when it happened) and complained. The utilities commission agreed it probably wasn’t fair especially since we just changed our area code from 619 in 1997. So they had a hearing last night where you could talk to the board and give your reasons for wanting an overlay instead. An overlay would allow for all current 760 users to keep their code and any new phone numbers would incorporate the 442 number.


I think the overlay is the best way to handle the situation. Times have changed, the idea of an “area” code no longer represents an area. I have friends with all sorts of area codes living all over San Diego. We’re all used to having to dial 10 digits and mostly just have numbers saved in our cell phones anyway. This change would affect a lot of people, small and large business, and it is mostly just a hassle for most people and completely unnecessary! So if you hear of any more hearings, please support the overlay and attend!


Click here for more information and for what you can do about it. They’ll be making a decision soon. Don’t let the utilities commission boss us around, why should we have to change our number again??

It affects all of us and it can be easily avoided!!