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Project Side Tables

So I was thinking of keeping photo a day for the weekdays and something different on the weekends…maybe a project or recipe or something like that, stuff I can share, ideas and the like.So, here’s project number 1!! This project was jared’s idea actually. We had been looking for side tables for ages, and couldn’t find anything (that we liked) for under $70-80 each!! One day we were in TJMaxx just wandering around and we found these two tables. Now, these tables were UGLY! Don’t be misled by the below photo, this picture was taken after we sanded off all the ugly orangish/brownish quasi-stain that was so cheaply applied to it. It was hard to look past the exterior, but the tables were on clearance, $10 each and he thought, “hey, couldn’t we sand these down and paint them the color we want?” (probably not his exact words, but you get the idea) so we gladly brought them home, bought some paint and got to work!
Sanding them down was comedy. All we had to do was rub a little and all the stain came off. (Like I said, cheaply applied)
Then we added the first and second coat of the first color, a rust/goldenrod mix. This is the base color.

*sidenote* If you notice the Christmas tree behind me, don’t be alarmed, we did this project back in March…oh wait, no I guess you can be alarmed, you caught us, we did not throw our tree away until about April but not because we didn’t try. Our trash guys are picky and wouldn’t take anything that wasn’t in the bin, so it wasn’t until April that we got a saw and cut it up ourselves.

So after the first color, we brought out our second color, a reddish one to match our reddish Anthropologie linen napkins (on clearance for $1.50 by the way) we use decoratively in the living room. We brushed kind of hard so that the rust/goldenrod color would peek through a bit, though you probably can’t tell completely. You can see it better in person.
The final touch was to call dear old dad and ask if he had any finish glaze so that the paint wouldn’t chip. Of course he did because he’s my dad and is handy. I’ll have to do a post later on some of his projects, which are amazing by the way.
And there you have it! Two brand new side tables that look way better than they did and match our decor.Ta Da!

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