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Photo a day – 2

Tea: I love it. I usually like loose leaf tea but it’s hard to find in stores and I usually have to buy it online. So the next best thing is Good Earth (or “Good Times” as jared refers to it) My all time favorite is Sweet and Spicy. It’s especially good if you have a cold or if it’s getting cooler outside. YUM!!! I’m so glad it’s finally starting to cool off so that I can curl up and have tea without sweating 🙂 

What’s your favorite kind of tea? Or drink if you’re not a tea drinker…

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This comes in a bag at Jimbo's, but loose on line I think…I love it 🙂Mighty Leaf: African NectarThis is a nice discovery (found it last Friday!). Bate's Nut Farm sells loose leaf tea and here's what I'm EXCITED about driking right now:The Metropolitan Tea Company: Long Island Strawberry Green Tea.Also a few noteworthy mentions: Barnes & Noble sells Harney and Sons tea and I enjoy the Hot Cinnamon tea and for bedtime the Chamomile Lavendar.But, sadly, in the morning, my personal favorite is a triple shot, non-fat cappuccino with two raw sugars. Mmmmm!

oh yum! those all sound amazing! i’m the same as you though, coffee in the morning, every morning…then tea later at night.i also just found out that they sell loose leaf at frazer farms (there’s one in vista, i don’t know where else)

Not a tea fan…want to be, but “coffee’s my cup-o-tea”! Preferred with flavored creamers (so I don’t have to add sugar)…I also want to be able to enjoy it black (but I’m not motivated enough to start trying)! I usually order (from those coffee establishments on any corner) a Non-fat, sugar-free vanilla latte. tasty 🙂

My favorite tea right now is a celestial seasonings decaf called sweet coconut thai chai! it’s delish with a little french vanilla creamer! yum! it’s a warm day but i just might have to have some now…

Lady Grey is my favorite. I don’t really drink coffee anymore (I didn’t like feeling addicted to the caffeine…boo). A cup of regular lady grey in the morning and a cup of decaf in the evening…mmmm! It goes with any kind of breakfast or dessert and is just lovely all by itself or with a good book.If you haven’t had it, it’s kinda like Earl Grey, but with with some flower petals in it – the package says that it “has a light and gentle citrus flavor that is both relaxing and refreshing.” It’s all true.I think Twinings might be the only folks that package it and I’ve only been able to find it in full-sized packs (so, not in multi-packs with other teas) at World Market and Twinings online (same price at each place, but obviously shipping makes the online option less attractive).Too much information on Lady Grey? Yeah…I love it that much!