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where it all started…if you’ve seen my facebook album full of what we call mocktography, you should know that it started way back in 2004. i was living abroad and before long, photos of statues and just posing and smiling became quite boring. i honestly don’t remember how we thought of it, but it became a hobby of ours, and jared and i have run with it. so here’s a few mock photos of when it all began.

we always enjoyed making other people pose to be part of the collection too 🙂

stay tuned for more fine art mocktography
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where it all began..

we used to have this game called geo-safari when we were kids. my brothers and i got so good at the game that when the tv show where in the world is carmen san diego, started, we were in heaven! we wanted to be on that show and actually go to all those places they talked about.

but my love for travel did not start there, it started when we were pretty young and we had our first exchange student. she piqued my brother and my interests in traveling. we had exchange students every year for years from sweden, norway, denmark, france, holland, portugal, morocco,  and australia. we would talk to them any chance we got, learn how to count to 10 in their languages, and make fun of their eating habits (pizza and fried chicken with a fork and knife, don’t you know we eat with our hands!)

the first trip i took out of the country was by myself for five weeks, i went to australia to visit 5 exchange students. i saved all my babysitting money and went, and i was hooked. i was awed by God’s creation in a place i’d never seen or even dreamed of really. i enjoyed the culture, learning the differences in our versions of english, and seeing that the world was much bigger than a 15 year old could even imagine. i knew i had to see more, and learn more, and this is where it all began.

ALSO – do please notice my awesome fashion choices! oh wait, i had no idea how to dress myself for the better part of my life…

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thoughts for a thursday

i was out with my dog this morning and i smelled it…the first inklings of fall. it was sort of a cotton candy and pumpkin smell, weird i know but i immediately longed for fall the second i caught a whiff, then it was gone. it got me to thinking about time and scared me a little because that meant it was going to be fall…FALL, wait, isn’t it still may??? no seriously, i’m still a little surprised that may is over and it’s the end of august. i know that people say time flies but man this is getting out of control. when you stop to look back and can lump things into years, like ‘wow, it’s been over a decade since high school’ or ‘i’ve been married almost five years’…i don’t want life to pass me by.  i think that’s why i feel so blessed to be able to capture life in photos or video. freeze a moment or moments to be able to relive them to the best of our human abilities.

i don’t really have a bucket list because i don’t want to set up unrealistic expectations for my life, and i just want to experience things as they happen, maybe i’m too easily pleased 🙂 the only ‘bucket list’ goal i ever had was to visit every country in the world…in this moment of thoughtfulness though,  i want to live in the moment, but i also want to be able to go back and remember details that i forgot about when i look back through pictures. i want others to remember joy. i want to remember what the world looked like in 1995 or 2002 or 2012, because it’s constantly changing and we are the historians of this century. i want my stories to be full of truth and by preserving memories i feel like that’s the best way to do it. i want to capture the beauty of God’s creation as best we can as humans. i want to feel emotion, texture, color, temperature and time through memories. i want to do something new, even if everything has already been done. i want to inspire, inspire people to live, to remember and to feel humility in the vast universe where we live. i want to be positive in every aspect of life, even if it hasn’t been perfect, because i have been blessed to be alive for 30 years and don’t want to take a single day for granted.


where are we?

hey there, as you can see our blog has been a little empty lately and quite behind with postings. well, part of the reason is that we are busy keeping up with and updating our main business SidebySide Cinema and of course preparing for the holidays. we have also been working on our house enjoying our dog. we have been restructuring our business a little and are going to continue to focus mainly on our cinema business while keeping SidebySide Photography as a hobby and personal blog. we will continue to post the shoots we have done this year but will only be taking on future clients as time allows. so please enjoy our love for photography and visit often and i promise we’ll be better about posting our work.

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favorite things – part 9

when it comes to pets…i wouldn’t classify myself as a dog or cat person.  i’ve always liked all kinds of animals and we had a modern day farm growing up in our concreted back yard with bunnies, birds, rats (much to my mother’s chagrin) and a turtle among others. and i’ve always wanted certain animals like otters and alpacas…but i dream… fast forward to married life and it turns out we’re both pretty allergic to most animals and so besides our two bunnies in the backyard (but that’s another story), we didn’t have any big plans to get a pet. on jared’s birthday this year we were over by our local pet store and noticed that they had a bunch of dogs in the front brought over by the humane society. we just happened to meet this cutie pie and kinda impulse adopted her 🙂 she’s such a happy lovey dog and she’s my new favorite thing.  we go running (one of my least favorite things) together and she also likes hanging out at mocha marketplace with my brother. i’m still not a ‘dog person’, i just like this one.



… And We’re back!


Sorry that we have been offline for a few days.  We were having some server issues but I think we have resolved them and are now in the process of re-uploading all of our images and files.  Everything should be back within a few days.

Thanks for stopping by.

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