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favorite things – part 9

when it comes to pets…i wouldn’t classify myself as a dog or cat person.  i’ve always liked all kinds of animals and we had a modern day farm growing up in our concreted back yard with bunnies, birds, rats (much to my mother’s chagrin) and a turtle among others. and i’ve always wanted certain animals like otters and alpacas…but i dream… fast forward to married life and it turns out we’re both pretty allergic to most animals and so besides our two bunnies in the backyard (but that’s another story), we didn’t have any big plans to get a pet. on jared’s birthday this year we were over by our local pet store and noticed that they had a bunch of dogs in the front brought over by the humane society. we just happened to meet this cutie pie and kinda impulse adopted her 🙂 she’s such a happy lovey dog and she’s my new favorite thing.  we go running (one of my least favorite things) together and she also likes hanging out at mocha marketplace with my brother. i’m still not a ‘dog person’, i just like this one.