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Project Rocking Chair

my parents went through their attic and found some fun stuff that had been forgotten over the years. one item was my dad’s grandma’s rocking chair. he asked if i wanted it and i was excited to get it home and refurbish it! this was my first time refurbishing anything and i had no idea what i was doing [thanks internet].

i just LOVE this stained floral print, don’t you?

luckily the only part that needed upholstery was the pad, and it was removable!

i actually thought it would be easy enough to work on this in my living room so we could watch tv together while i took this thing apart. turns out, it was incredibly dirty inside, whoops!

all the nails and staples were rusted and pretty difficult to get out. once i got them all out i noticed that the top layer of material had just been placed over the original leather upholstery. the leather was completely thrashed underneath, and it was like an onion taking this thing apart, more and more layers! underneath the leather was hay used as the padding. again, should have done this outside!

all the garbage after ripping this thing apart…

i honestly didn’t expect that this would be all that was left after stripping it down.


this is the chair without the pad and that’s the material i picked out.

already looking much much better

and done! well for now anyway. still trying to decide if i should repaint the chair, thoughts??