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Photo a day – 7 and 8

Dr. Mario…definitely our favorite video game right now. I don’t play video games but jared downloaded this for our Wii a couple months ago and I hadn’t played it in years! It turned out that I remembered how to play it and I was pretty good. It’s the only game I can beat him at!! Well, at least I thought I was good until I played Lindsayand she is impressively, no, freakishly good at it..yikes girl! Anyway, Laura and I are probably a better match. 

Do you like our mii characters? They look just like us!

So I’m adding one photo as an addendum to the photo a day 3 just to prove how often this happens. This happened today and I can say I’ve never seen my name spelled with a “u” before! The lady calling out my name (not the same person who wrote it) couldn’t figure out what it said, I just started laughing!

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too funny. i think you’re going to have to start posting all the funny spellings now. p.s. my link over on the right still has my old url!

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