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Photo a day – 6

Perhaps one day I’ll have a coy pond…but sometimes I think, what would be the point.
To be honest, if they didn’t throw crap all over the place, I would really like to have a monkey for a pet…
If there were no limitations, which animal would you have for a pet?

3 replies on “Photo a day – 6”

I’d kind of like a giraffe… I don’t have a good reason other than I think they’re neat, aaaaaand maybe I’d like to see if I could ride one like a horse 🙂

Koi, not coy…So you are giving up on begging for a snake, thank goodness, but a monkey? ew, they creep me out with their people faces and weird hands.I would take any kind of big cat…only if they were declawed and vegetarians.

How about a panda bear? Maybe they could be genetically altered so they wouldn’t get outrageously huge….they would be like a giant teddy bear! Nice and fluffy!