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Photo a day – 4

Coke tastes better in glass bottles.

I’m trying to be healthier lately because if I’m in good habits now, it will be easier to keep them later. And now is always a better time to start than tomorrow. I like healthy food and when I have time, I’m super healthy, but a few things get in my way sometimes.
3 words: chips, dessert, soda
I’m good at giving up chips, I’ll start eating them again but then I can give them up easily.
Dessert is my all-time enemy, I love anything sweet and I love to bake. But I am all for low-fat desserts and am willing to try new healthy recipes.
I’ve given up soda before but it’s a bit harder because soda goes well with so many foods and when you’re out to eat, it’s hard to sip your bland water when other people have a yummy drink in front of them. I really should give it up again…
besides, it tastes better out of a glass bottle.

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Soda isn’t so hard for me at a sit down restaurant, pretty easy for me to say “Just water, thanks”. But where I have trouble is when I go out for fast-food (heavens forbid! Talk about unhealthy!) I usually fall for the combo purchase, which includes…the soda! And not in a bottle either, I might add 🙁