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IMatrix – Ribbon Cutting – San Diego Photography

Yamia and Asaf’s business has grown and because of that they’ve had to move into a new building! Yamia, with her lovely interior design skills, made the place beautiful and also decorated for the event. They had an early morning ribbon cutting with some speeches and then all the employees got to see the new space they’d be working in for the first time. Here are some photos of the location and the event. Here’s a link to an article about them.

Hope you enjoy!

We’ve had a lot of fun working with this family and are looking forward to more fun events in the future! Congratulations on your growing business guys 🙂

Check out the  fusion video we did as well:

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Atelier JOIE – San Diego Product Photography

Hey everyone, I posted a teaser a while ago on this one, and here are the rest of the photos we’d like to share.  These are some beautiful notebooks, journals & notecards.  They are so fun and are handmade. Check out Atelier JOIE’s blog and Etsy shop and pick yourself up one of these, they are great gifts!

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favorite things – part 7

when i was 15 i went to australia by myself to visit some friends and one of the families wanted to make a meal for me, an american meal. so they asked what american food was and the only thing i could think of was mexican. so they took me to the store and found a burrito kit, yes a burrito kit. i thought it was so ridiculous, i mean, who doesn’t know how to make burritos? so when jared and i were traveling to that neck of the woods many years later we found this in the grocery store. i guess they still haven’t figured out how to make mexican food on their own. there’s nothing like the real thing living in san diego and it’s one of our favorite foods…

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cooking project – weeks 11-16

well, i haven’t been been doing that great on this project. i missed a couple weeks in there because we were both sick but we should be back on track now!

week 11 – spinach – spinach gnocci

this one was delicious! we ate it with chicken and fresh parmesan cheese grated on the top.

week 15 – bell peppers – stuffed peppers

huge hit!! we served this with company and everyone loved it. i substituted beef with turkey and corn with black beans so it was almost a chili filling. definitely making this again!

week 16 – collared greens – collared greens with bacon

hmm, not really sure if collared greens are for us. it could be the recipe or the vegetable but big fat NO on this one 🙂 oh well, can’t win them all!