places to go stateside

Chicago, IL – ’10

being wedding cinemtographers, we’ve had a few really cool opportunities to travel for weddings. in 2010 we were flown to chicago to shoot a wedding for an awesomely amazing couple. they were so sweet and the wedding was beautiful. we planned to stay a bit longer to see the city since we hadn’t been there before. we hung out with seth and dez of zelo photography who were also flown out for the wedding. if you haven’t been here, chicago (or chi-town if you are cool like that) is a pretty awesome city strewn with tons of public art, gardens on top of high rises and beautiful architecture. it was quite windy the weekend we were there and cold, we’re such wimps being californians born and raised…

we may have spent a bit of time at the bean. i was SO excited to find out that we would get to see the bean!! it’s so cool!

found this cool spot and didn’t want to feel left out so we joined in…

the new batman movies were shot in chicago so looking at some of these areas reminded us of the films

we went to a few antique shops and passed this along the way…what the heck?!?!

this art piece was one of my favorites!

a little mocktography never hurt anyone

loved the spray paint art!

can’t have a visit to chicago without their world famous deep dish pizza!!! can we say cheesydeliciousness?? if that’s not in the dictionary, it should be…

chicago at night is just as wonderful as it is in the day, reflection of light is a photographer’s playground!

this is a video art piece fountain, she moves her mouth to spit out water