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Photo Friday #21 & #22

Finally!!! More house pictures…I guess I changed something in my camera and that’s why some of them aren’t rotating…I’ve since fixed that problem but am too lazy to edit these pics, sorry!
Ok so first here’s the hall with the freshly painted walls and new trim/baseboards. The last post had the floor all covered up, there is nice cherry wood on the floor. We left that because of course you want to be able to slide down the hall in socks!
Here’s one of the rooms with new paint/trim/baseboards/fan and the beginnings of new carpet. (don’t worry, that’s not the color we picked, just the pad!)

Here’s the office/studio (former garage) with new carpet! New carpet feels so good between your toes. The old carpet smelled like animal urine, haha.

The progress in the laundry room…the grout makes quite a mess

The guest bath tiled but not grouted

and the master bath, with finished tile and a new vanity! we only had to go a week without a bathroom 🙂 (luckily we still had the old place for a week to shower – so our mornings were a bit crazy)

And after we moved in, we had a mini celebration, some champagne and strawberries 🙂