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Horton Hears a Who…

So we finally got around to seeing the movie Horton Hears a Who. We weren’t really expecting too much since it didn’t seem to be the most popular movie. (but then again, I don’t read reviews or like to know anything about a movie before I see it)

Anyway, we thought it was fabulous! It was funny and clever but also had a pretty pro-life message. That really really surprised me. I have never read the book and so I wonder how much of it was just in the book but still, they made the movie! I won’t give away anything that actually happens in the movie but one of the quotes in it was, “Yes indeed, a life IS a life no matter how small.” Honestly, I was shocked to hear that. I know that the book and the movie were not talking about an unborn baby but that was the first thing that popped into my mind. Jared said the words that were on my mind, “Did that movie seem really pro-life to you?”

I know I tend to have an extreme viewpoint when it comes to abortion but I can’t help but think with people so concerned about human and even animal rights, at what point does someone obtain those rights? I know that the pro-choicers are very concerned with the woman’s right to choose, but I guess I would consider myself more of a human rights person then because a woman shouldn’t have the right to choose that someone shouldn’t have the right to live at all. I kind of classify that sort of thing under God’s job description. How can you care about peoples’ rights when you don’t allow the chance for someone to be born in the first place? Anyway, I have lots and lots of thoughts and ideas on the issue, but that’s just one that popped into my head and one that I was thinking about after the movie.

What do you think? Is a life truly a LIFE no matter how small? Or is it only a life after a certain point in pregnancy, or is it only a life after it’s born?

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