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Photo Friday #5

So following in failblog’s footsteps, I had a “failure” of my own this week. Jared had bronchitis last week and I felt under the weather this week so I thought I’d stop by the Frazier Farms and grab a few soups. Chicken noodle sounded especially good to me but as I looked I had a really hard time finding anything that resembled chicken soup. Feeling rather bummed, I finally came across this lovely picture of soup! A minor success! 

BUT, then I read the label, “No Chicken Noodle”…what?!?! So…hmm..

I looked for another few minutes and feeling rather “done”, I gave up and bought it anyway. Turns out, it means “no chicken” not “no chicken noodle”, it’s tofu. Whatever, it tasted close enough to chicken noodle. I guess that’s what you get at the health food stores!

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When you are sick, you are supposed to go to Lourdes and buy the soup there. It has miraculous curative powers. You can get it at the Shell station off of El Norte Parkway too. Just smelling it will cure your cold.

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