photo a day – 9

I think I’ll start naming my “photo a day”s from now on…I think they need titles 🙂

Port comes from Porto (in Portugal). Don’t know why I never put that one together but anyway, it’s good! It’s a wonderfully sweet dessert wine. I like to drink it out of these little crystal glasses my Oma (grandma) gave me…makes me feel like we’re classy, at least a little bit.

6 thoughts on “photo a day – 9

  1. We just started drinking the Porto you brought back from your trip. It is really nice! I have tried some before, but this was so much better.

  2. It makes me feel so much more grown up to sip the wines out of nice glasses. Or maybe sophisticated-like I’m living a life that’s not really mine…!

  3. I’ve never been much for ports…are the ones from portugal much better than other ones you’ve had?And I agree that classiness can generally be enhanced by fancy glasses/goblets/stemware… plus yours look super cute!

  4. Rachel, no, it probably tastes the same as others I’ve had. I guess you just have to like the more sweet/rich flavor of it. I can’t have much. The glasses are from my grandma. She gave me a china cabinet and a bunch of cool crystal glasses to go in it 🙂 I love inherited stuff!

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