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“Nothin’ we can’t git around”

So just a quick blog to let everyone know that we made it here to Lisbon all in one piece! On the first leg of our trip our pilot was awesome and was telling us about some turbulence we were going to have and what he said about it is what is going to be our motto for this trip.

“Nothin’ we can’t git around”

We thought, this will be a great quote and now that we’re here, we’re having to use it a lot! Flexibility is a virtue on trips like these and right away we have had to be flexible. We’re tent camping on this trip and found out today that there are no tents! So we’ll figure that out. Also, we’re having technical difficulties with my computer (which definitely limits video editing!). So, our motto will have to do.

Anyway, we had a 5 hour layover in Philadelphia, got off and saw the Liberty Bell and ate Philly cheese steaks in Liberty Park! Then we got here at 8:30 am and are working on staying awake all day so we’ll sleep all night!

Tomorrow we’re off to the orphanage and I won’t be able to update again until Friday or Saturday. Sorry there are no pictures, hopefully my computer will work soon! Please pray for it, my little old mac laptop…i want it to be better!!!

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Hey guys! I’m glad you’re all there safe and sound. I can’t wait to hear more of what you’re doing and how the kids are (as well as you guys!). We’re praying for you guys back home. Take care!

We are praying for you guys! I want to see pictures so I´ll be praying for your computer, too!!! Say “Hi” to Sarah for me and tell her I´m having fun being in her purse.

Glad to hear you guys are all there safely. Now just need to hear you’ve got a roof (or at least some fabric) over your heads!Dave

I am looking forward to this weekend hoping that you will find an Internet cafe in order to update us on your activities. (especially the tent situation)Love you…mom

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