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Week 1 update from Portugal!

Hey Everyone! So I’m writing a very quick update while we’re in Lisbon and have a chance to use the internet.
So, since we got here, lots of things have changed and our expectations have had to be flexible. Thankfully for us, a lot of things have been for the better! First of all, in the last post I said we didn’t have tents. Well, not only were tents provided but once we got to the camp site, we didn’t even need them! We had heard that there was going to be a room for us to put our valuables into but that room turned out to be a large meeting room plus kitchenette and two little rooms, plus our own bathroom! So the two married couples are in the little rooms and everyone else is in the big room. It’s been great because it has provided us a bit of a sanctuary when we’ve needed time away from the kids and a nice place to meet together as a team.
The kids are great! They are overwhelming and need a lot of attention, but they are so great, loving and so much fun! They are also mostly patient with us as we struggle to communicate to them through language. What’s nice is that smiles and hugs are universal and we can speak that way to them.
We’re all pretty tired and will be happy to have rest when we get home, so if you could please pray that we can have extra energy for the rest of this week. We’ve still got 4 more days with the kids and find that it’s hard to pull ourselves away for rest and alone time.
I’ve got some pictures for you all to see. I don’t have time to organize them and put them all in a nice order, so I’ll just put a sentence of commentary and you can figure it out. I’ll also put tons more up when we get back, this is just a snack for you 🙂 if you click on them you can see them full size…
an example of many of the buildings here, just abandonded
this is the only way we’ve found to have a somewhat normal sized coffee! cappucino!

Us in the doors of a cathedral in lisbon

our team at the castle in lisbon

where we’re staying, aldeia de meco (15 minute walk from the nude beach!)

view of lisbon. in this photo you can see the bridge designed by the same guy who did the golden gate bridge…look familiar?? also you can see the jesus statue in the background that looks just like the one in brazil!

one of the kids on the bracelet making day. they loved this! the boys and the girls! they are so sweet 🙂


and comic relief from the gentleman, come on, what are we supposed to be, mature???


laura and ines during our “american food” day. i think they got a kick out of us being in the kitchen for once!


all the kids watching a portion of the jesus film. they are really interested in it, i’m really excited to see what they think once they’ve seen the whole thing. please pray that they will take it all in and really understand the message we’re telling them.


me and rafaela. she took the gentleman”s hand and mine and we walked together to the beach. i think she would really love for us to be her parents. she is so precious! and she’s wearing n8’s glasses, she thought they were cool!


playing beach volleyball with the kids, something different than soccer!!!


the kids at the nude beach, it doesn’t phase them a bit! we were quite shocked however! (notice we had to crop the picture carefully when we took it)

our van! the gentleman is doing a great job learning portuguese driving habits with a group of 10 or 11 sometimes in our 9 person van. also notice n8’s newly acquired habit of poking into photos

some more of the kids. obviously 🙂

hope you all are having a great time without us! we are having one last afternoon off and then headed back to the camp. you won’t hear from us again until possibly thursday night and then we’re going home! keep us in your thoughts and prayers!


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Glad to hear you guys are coping well with all the changes in the plans 🙂 We’ll be praying you guys get the rest you need and the energy to continue strong. I’m so glad you’re able to bring some brightness and love of Jesus to these kiddos. Can’t wait to hear more!

I’m so happy things seem to be going well! I’ll be praying for the kids hearts and for strength and courage for all the teachers. Be safe and someone give Sarah a kiss for me, haha!

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