places to go stateside

Glastonbury, CT – ’12

on the connecticut leg of our new england adventure we decided to stay at a place called butternut farm. i found the place online ahead of time and it sounded quaint and fun. turned out it was slightly creepy and were weren’t 100% sure we were going to ever leave once we got there. it did grow on us though and the owner is a very sweet man, don.

as much as i love animals, i’ve never really had much luck with geese, they always attack me…

so when we first arrived, we met the owner and a few other house guests who were leaving. they were in the sitting room and offered us wine right off the bat. so we put our bags away and hung out with them. then they left and we were the only ones staying there that night. we wandered around the house a bit, and yikes…lots of stuffed animals and more pelts than are generally acceptable for one house.

he had these two cats which were really sweet but super needy…and we were very allergic to them!

in case you were wondering, yes, that’s a real dead stuffed bird in that cage…

signed the guest book 🙂

ahhh, we’re going to be eaten alive!!!

here’s our room, and when we were shown the room, he said ‘here’s a little sherry to help you sleep’

love the old school calendar with us written in! actually, in order to book him in the first place, i had to call to reserve the date, and then send him a check!

meeting some new friends as always, they were much friendlier than the geese!

we also got to have dinner with my friend from high school and her husband who happened to live 15 minutes away! of course we forgot to take pictures though 🙁 the next day as we were leaving, don said ‘you come into my life, and then you leave me’ – guess he just absolutely loves running a b&b, most people get burned out but he’s been doing it over 30 years.

we wandered around the town and surrounding fields and river, very pretty 🙂