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while simplifying my life and getting rid of stuff, i found an entire cupboard full of candles. of course jared says, hey why don’t we get rid of a bunch of these? i say, no! they don’t go bad and we’ll need them for the next y2k or the zombie apocalypse or whatever. plus he doesn’t help with the hoarding because pretty much every trip we go on we find a cute little boutique and buy a beautifully scented soy candle. then we get home and say, why did we buy another candle?! now it’s a running joke and whenever we’re at the store asking what we need, one of us will say, candles!

as silly as it is, the discovery that we hoard candles got me to thinking. what are we saving them for? special occasions? but then i forget to light one. i remember to put out the holiday ones every part of the year but  never light them. i used to be this way as a kid. i’ve been a saver for as long as i can remember and while that’s a good thing most of the time, sometimes it makes you forget to live a little. i remember saving my halloween candy so it would last and i could still be eating it long after my brothers. but at least once or twice i saved it so long i forgot about it and found it once it was questionable. over the years i’ve tried to be better about this habit and enjoy things when i have them but it’s tough!

so i’m going to try to be in better practice of burning candles. so even if you have taken travel by the reigns and been all over the world, sometimes you have to be brave about different things and live a little. what does that look like to you? that looks like a lot of things for me,

but today that means lighting a candle

and enjoying it.

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