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patience is a funny thing…

it’s all about perspective really

here i am, starting to get impatient that i’m a week overdue today, i’d really love to meet our daughter…but then i remind myself that it took us how long to get here? what’s a few more days?? i mean…seriously what’s wrong with me? i’ve said the whole pregnancy that i refused to complain because i wanted to enjoy every little bit of being pregnant, and i really do. i love all the little kicks reminding me that life has been created, but i also just want to meet that little person and find out who she’s going to be.

perspective… it only took us three years to get pregnant. i am well aware that there are people who have spent so much longer than that in their heartache, and my heart aches for those around me who are going through the same thing. when you’re in it, it feels like forever and then suddenly you’re about to have a child any day now and you wonder if all that pain was real.

so i’m trying to take advantage of this last minute free time. the baby room is done (blog post coming soon), the hospital bag is packed, the car seat is installed and i even made treats for the nurses. i’m getting lots of wedding films done and i’ve even been able to cross a bunch of things off my to do list that have been on there forever (you know all the annoying little things you just never get to). so i’m taking perspective and looking at this like a wonderful opportunity to finish some things i’ve started before i’m completely exhausted the rest of my life 😉 perspective…

and here are some photos from our 20’s themed maternity shoot with zelo photography! see their super sweet blog post on us here 🙂 shoot inspired by this movie, and hair and makeup done by this lovely lady! we wanted to do something a little different and i think the photos turned out great!

well i will have my baby in three days or less (since they will induce me if i’m too late) so literally any day now…woop!!!

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