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favorite things – part 8

one of the things i’ve always admired about the magic of photography was the ability to capture something in the moment, the subtle smile, the quick glance, the movement frozen in time. growing up i would just stare at photos, noticing something different each time. i was in heaven when i learned on my mom’s old 35mm camera because i could snap a photo at precisely the moment i wanted. when i was in college one of my roommates had philippe halsman’s jump book (i wish i had this book!!!!). this book always inspired me, partly because the photos were terrific but mostly because he showed that with all the seriousness of the art of photography, it can also be, and should be, fun. his idea was that people really let loose when they jumped and showed their true emotions in that moment. he got so many famous people to jump at the end of their photo shoots through the years and i always thought those were some of the best pictures. so we’ve taken that philosophy into our photos. when we travel, we never take ourselves too seriously and when we have photo shoots, if we ask you to jump, now you’ll know why 🙂 look below to see some of the jump shots we’ve grabbed at photo shoots recently.

here’s us…

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