reminisce things to do


Lately –

we’ve been tempted to work on our house
we’ve been too busy with editing to be able to work on our house
we’ve noticed we have a bird that likes to slam into one of the office windows (he really wants to come in i think)
we’ve had a flood in the bathroom
we’ve found a huge beetle (about 2 1/2 inches long!)
we’ve seen lots of bunnies running around our backyard
we’ve bought plane tickets
we’ve been to a funeral
we’ve been to a wedding
we’ve held a newborn
we’ve watched some good movies
we’ve watched some crappy movies
we’ve been to the fair
we’ve felt blessed

needless to say…lately we’ve been busy! i think the saying is true “when it rains it pours” because everything has seemed to hit all at once… but we should be catching up over the summer and by fall our lives will be much calmer (i hope!)

2 replies on “Lately…”

Don't kid yourself, friend – for as long as I have known you, "Calm" has never been your style. You're always super duper busy and YOU LOVE IT…and you're really good at it. That said, if you feel like you just need to get away, I know this really great bed & breakfast in Los Angeles…

hahahaha, you're so right but you know i can't admit it to myself 🙂

if i'm good at it, i guess it's due to practice?? hahaha

and YES, we'd love to come up there again!!! let's plan a time!