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House Pics

Ok, here are some more pictures of the house!! I will call these “before” pictures and hopefully get some “after” pictures once we get in there and make some improvements 🙂

So here’s the front of the house…obviously

The living room with fun vaulted ceilings

The ‘garage’ – well it used to be anyway. The people before converted it to a second living room and we’re going to use it as our office/studio! So if you need portraits…hint hint

The VERY overgrown backyard. The list agent said someone was supposed to be keeping up with it…that someone probably needs to be fired.

The view from the back…ahh, country living!

And…drum roll please…my very favorite part, the kitchen! It definitely doesn’t look like a 1972 house when you look at this room 🙂

We’ll keep you posted. As of now, we should be able to close mid April and move in Mid May, woot woot! Anyone want to rent our duplex after we’re gone? Our landlords have been really awesome and we want someone awesome to take over.

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How much is the rent? We have some couples coming home this summer who are looking for places…let me know.

I am WAY jealous of this kitchen! And when you come stay with us and see ours, you’ll know why 😉 The house is really wonderful – Matt and I are both really happy for you guys!

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