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Don’t Vote Video

WOW! I had no idea that celebrities were so smart and we were so stupid! Gosh, and you’re right, I didn’t know that I had to register to vote, wow!This is the most insulting video about voting I’ve ever seen:


But seriously, you know you gotta vote, right?

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I’ll decode the underlying subtext for everyone who is unaware:1) They don’t mean go vote. They mean vote for Obama. If you are voting for McCain (or anyone else) they’d all rather you not vote.2) By this “get out the vote” crap, they certainly don’t mean, “read, research, think, understand the issues, and then vote.” They mean, “listen to your heart, maybe read a little US Weekly, and then go vote based upon who connects with you on an MTV level. Which in this case, means Obama.”3) Of course celebrities are smarter than us, and of course their opinions matter more than a normal civilian. And why not? A bunch of high school drop outs who get paid millions of dollars to work 3 months out of the year are obviously the pinnacle of societal prestige. They have the big megaphone of fame, which means they are entitled and obligated to use it as much as they can. I would really like for anyone who is actually persuaded by this video be banned from voting, and probably be permanently sterilized.

I tried to watch it, but I could only watch 45 seconds before I got really annoyed. Do you think they all got paid to do this or did they volunteer? It had a bunch of big names!At first I thought it was a stab at sarcasm, but you are right, it is definitely insulting.

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