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The Purple Palace

Well, we have been horrible bloggers! (not that I ever promised anything, but still) We’ve been so busy with work and then our video business and we’ve definitely given more love to the SidebySide Video blog.


Anyway…here’s a little of what’s been going on. Along with working with the Post-College group at church, now called The Gathering, we’ve started working on a new ministry which is called JaMM (justice and mercy ministry). We’re working on trying to find ways that our church can partner with other ministries that are already in place regarding human trafficking, sex trafficking, orphans, widows, etc…

We got to go down with some others yesterday to Mexico to check out The Purple Palace. It’s a safe place where children of prostitutes and drug addicts can go to live. Some of these kids have had horrible things happen to them and this is a second chance for them. They get to live there with food and clothing, go to school and learn about Jesus. It’s pretty awesome. The other great thing about it is that it’s in Tijuana maybe 5 minutes walking distance from the border. So there could be tons of quick little service projects that small groups could go down there for. These kids need to be shown the right kind of love and so we’re excited to see what we can do! Here are some pictures we shot yesterday:



The Purple Palace: yes it’s purple


My new little friend Carmen


Another little one


In one of the dorms


To see some more pictures, go to my flickr account.

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