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The Queen Mary

So this past weekend, I took the gentleman to stay on the Queen Mary for a late bday present since we’ve been so busy. I had visited it (along with the Spruce Goose) when I was a kid but never knew that they turned it into a hotel! Apparently it’s haunted, so then we HAD to go there! And of course all we did all evening was run around taking pictures 🙂

We were bad…there weren’t a lot of people out at night and we found a few open gates that I assume were meant to be closed since all the rest were and we climbed some stairs I assume weren’t meant to be climbed 🙂 We looked inside those big smoke stacks. There was nothing in them but junk, it was boring, but dark so it freaked me out a little…haha.

And the gentleman has been growing out his beard…isn’t it amazing?? He’s been called: “Chuck Norris”, “A Terrorist”, and “Distinguished”… Maybe he’s a distinguished
terrorist, did anyone think of that!!

Then we ran around The Ports of Call and had a yummy lunch watching the seals swim by.

All in all, it was a good little getaway. Everyone needs to get away even for just a day and a night. Anyway, we recommend staying at the Queen Mary. You might not get a good night’s sleep though, the walls are thin and their generators run all night. But we didn’t see any ghosts, haha. Someone’s alarm clock went off at 5am but there wasn’t anyone staying in that room so we called to have them get someone to turn it off. Of course things like that don’t get fixed easily. The guys were on their walkie talkies trying to open the room. Someone’s keys didn’t work, they couldn’t find the other guy. I swear, how does anything ever get done!! So around 5:45 we were finally able to go back to sleep. Oh well. If things like that didn’t happen, how would we ever appreciate efficient and competent people? Plus, it’s just fun to laugh at later…

and finally….We’re changing our business name. It’s now and always going to be SidebySide Video. We had too many problems with the other name and website so we’re going with this. The site is easier now. (we’re updating it so look back soon to see the new site with videos!) and the new blog is:


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