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33 by 33

i am just terrible about keeping up with this blog, but i’m also trying to find a place in this blog world. this used to be our photo blog, but we decided to only focus on our cinematography business. then we turned into our travel blog but now that we have a young family we probably won’t be doing as much travel for a while. so i feel like my blog posts have been mostly potpourri lately…

so, i was thinking in order to find out what my ‘thing’ will be, i’m just going to start blogging. my goal is 33 posts by my 33rd birthday. i’m hoping that i will have some sort of inspiration about what my blogging purpose will be. my thought is right now that i would like to focus on posts that help keep people’s lives simple and happy. there’s so much negativity online so i think that might be a place to start anyway as an overall theme. thoughts? if anyone is actually out there reading this anyway??

… … …

i’ll leave you with a photo to begin my blogging journey!

blog 1/33

my little one in my dad’s truck at cruisin’ grand. all my dad’s cronies were freaking out that he let a baby walk around in his precious truck but i guess she has him wrapped around her finger just a little 😉

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