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the best compliment

it was a slow morning, eh who am i kidding, all mornings are slow these days, and i’d been up an hour or so.

the first hour or so of mornings now consist of feeding the baby, changing the baby, playing with the baby, pumping for the baby and making coffee for me! then jared wakes up to join me for breakfast and we have a chance to chat, usually about how many times i was up the night before while he was blissfully asleep 😉

but this one morning in particular, i received the best compliment. i don’t think he even meant to go out of his way or even realized what his words meant in that moment but he said, “you look all disheveled, like a mom, you’re pretty” and then gives me a kiss. my hair having been pulled back all night falling out of the rubber band, no makeup, and before coffee and he gives me the nicest compliment.

it wasn’t that he thought i was pretty in that moment, i mean that is really nice and i appreciate it, but the thing i loved the most about that simple, off the cuff statement was that he said i looked like a mom. i have wanted to be a mom as early as i can remember and even though we had to wait so long for me to have that title, now i’m suddenly a mom of an almost 4 month old! and i LOVE it, can i yell it from the rooftops, I LOVE IT! i prayed for this, my friends and family prayed for this and we’re so happy to finally get to know our little girl and i am going to own looking disheveled, like a MOM, thank you very much!

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