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salvation mountain – ’09

here’s another travel from ’09 a little closer to home. we decided for our 2nd anniversary that we would do the same thing as our first anniversary, camping in julian. one of the days we decided to do a day trip to the salton sea. we’d been there before, and i’ll post pics of that at some point. this time, we drove around the entire sea and found this gem (with a little tip from our friends at zelophoto).

this guy leonard broke down here in the 80’s, felt that it was meant to be and decided to not only stay but also build on and paint the hillside. he gets donations of paint and bales of hay and this is his creation…enjoy!

we got a pic with leonard, he’s a pretty sweet old guy, i was already on the ‘tour’ when he grabbed my arm and asked me to join the tour…two different times, haha

**2012 update: leonard no longer lives on the mountain, he’s now in a home and others are protecting his work of art: glad we met him when we had the chance 🙁

it’s surprisingly sturdy!

i love that we caught him checking his mail, does the mail really come all the way out to the middle of nowhere?!