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favorite things – part 10

well, i don’t really know how to sum it up in one word exactly.. one of my favorite things is just being around people who are in a community, not necessarily my community (though i love that as well) but being a part of a group of people or even one person, in their life, even for a moment. like when we had our ‘major big news power outage of san diego 2011’ [so dramatic] it was so fun for me to go out the next day, everyone was talking about it, people at the grocery store, gym and post office. it was so fun, just for that brief instant, to be connected to people to whom i wouldn’t have otherwise said two words. when we went to ireland a few years ago we found a small town named doolin. it was our favorite place to see during our adventure. a tiny coastal town easily traversed in an afternoon. the best part about places like that is the opportunity to discover things typically overlooked. we wandered, we chatted, we found this pub with some local musicians playing and inspiring. a snapshot into their lives, on the other side of the world.

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