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little project for 2011 – weeks 1-3

i’m going to start by saying that i really don’t like cooking. but i want to like cooking. so instead of a new year’s resolution (which i also don’t really like) i’m going to make a goal instead…and blog about the progress!  now, my goal needed to be realistic right? so i’m going to plan/cook one, yes one meal a week this year, have to make it achievable right?

the rules:

1. the meal must use the food processor i got for christmas (for chopping, slicing, mixing, pureeing, etc… – yes it’s cool!)
2. the meal must include a different vegetable or herb each time – are there 52 vegetables?? well if there aren’t then i will be allowed to use a combination when i’ve exhausted them all.
3. i will make one different recipe a week and then blog about it.

what i hope to acquire with this experiment:
1. 52 new recipes that i will know how to make.
2. a love for some new vegetables we’ve never tried or haven’t liked in the past.
3. better habits about cooking so we eat less cereal/oatmeal for dinner (yes, it’s embarrassing).
so, we’ll see how this goes. wish me luck and if you have any ideas for foods i could use, let me know!

since it’s well into january and have only now gotten to post this first post i’ll post the first 3 weeks now.

week 1 – basil – pesto on pasta with chicken – cuisinart recipe booklet
for the first week i didn’t really know i was going to blog about them yet so i don’t have a picture but i started easy…a recipe right out of the food processor book! oh man it was amazing but now i realize how bad it probably is for you, ha.

week 2 – zucchini – zucchini bread – better homes & gardens cookbook
so this is a dessert, i know i know but didn’t have the rules all figured out until week 3…still used the processor and it shredded that zucchini so fast! i have leftover shredded zucchini so maybe i’ll make something else with it 🙂

week 3 – carrot – carrot dill soup
got to slice and puree with this recipe! and it was yummy, and really healthy actually. this time i have a photo as well! we ate this with grilled cheese.