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favorite things – part 2

not much is better than a delicious cup of steaming hot coffee and a delectable dessert to compliment it. seriously, there is something about it that makes me feel nostalgic…for what, i’m not sure but a feeling of nostalgia always overwhelms me when i’m sitting in a cute cafe with my hands wrapped around a warm mug. i just love watching all the people come and go, smelling the sweet fragrances and listening to all the fragmented conversations. it’s one of my favorite things to do when i want to observe.simply observe.

i know it’s weird to be talking about hot  coffee when it’s so hot right now but that’s because we were just  visiting winter last week. yup, a week of winter for us…guess where we  went? i’ll give you a clue – think cows, thermal pools and hobbits 🙂

more to come about this little adventure of ours

what’s your favorite drink?

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