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So the only down side to absentee voting is that you don’t get the coveted “I voted” sticker. I always feel a little left out when everyone else has a sticker and I don’t because I voted a week ago! So this year I made a little badge for myself and wore it proudly at work all day.

Now, because of the unsubtleness (yes not a real word but whatev.) of my badge I had a bunch of kids asking me who I voted for today. I obviously can’t discuss things like that with the kids so instead I asked them who they would have voted for if they were 18 (I love the double standard hee hee). Of course all this really did was show me who their parents voted for…I had two highlight answers to share from today:

#1 from a 5th grade girl
I would vote for Obama
me: Why is that?
girl: because he’s totally cool and awesome.
me: Oh, is that all you need to become president?
girl:Well, I’m not sure, but the president has to be totally awesome.#2 from a 2nd grade boy
boy: McCain totally, we HAVE to vote for McCain!
me: Why is that?
boy: Well, you can’t vote for Obama because then he will have prop. 8 and then we have to marry other boys!! [the rest of the boys were then uneasy in their seats and agreed they would vote for McCain too]
me: Well, that’s not entirely true…
boy: Ok everyone, so tell your parents that and vote McCain

I absolutely love hearing how kids completely misunderstand their parents’ opinions and politics in general. It gave me a good laugh though 🙂



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In our mock election today at SMHS Obama won by more than double over McCain. A lot of them wrote things their ballots like “vote for change” etc. I think they were not so much voting for Obama, but rather against what we have now. I have a feeling that is how many around the nation are choosing. sigh…..

I didn’t get a sticker and I voted on election day! Once the results came in I headed for Mexico.