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best of both worlds

easy and not too bad for you 😉

Cresent rolls are one of my favorite inventions. They can be used in so many different ways! I found a really great recipe once where you put two of the triangles together into a square, put a little cream cheese or nuftatel cheese mixed with sugar in the middle, then blueberries and pinch the corners together and bake = instant danishes!

After that I decided to try making other things with them like spreading out a whole roll of them and putting basil, pizza seasoning and fresh parmasan cheese to make my own version of crazy bread. You can also fill them with cream cheese and chives to make yummy filled rolls.

Then I tried making them into dessert by putting cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg and a slice of apple in the middle to make mini apple pies.

So finally we get to the picture above. The other night we kind of wanted some dessert but didn’t have anything around the house and didn’t want to go buy anything. We did have some cresent rolls so I tried something new again. This time I put cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg in the middle and baked them. Then I mixed up some powdered sugar, water and vanilla to make a little glaze frosting and frosted them. The inside sugar gets all melty and the buttery flavor of the cresent rolls (I buy the lowfat ones) makes them extra delicious. Very yummy and used only things I already had around the house!

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