reminisce things to do

the job that is my job

so, i must say that my job never ceases to be interesting. i hear the most surprising things from kids especially when i think i’ve heard it all (maybe someday i’ll take notes on some of those). this week, however, i’ve become aware of some of the things I’VE been saying at work. here are some examples of those things: 

“We don’t put things in our mouths”
“We don’t lick the paper”
“Get your hands out of your pants”
“Glue is not for eating”
“Don’t kiss that!”
“That’s enough hugging”
“Don’t kiss him!”
“Spitting is not what we do during speech”
“Don’t wipe your boogers on the table!”

So, that’s my half of my job in a nutshell. The other half probably actually involves teaching them something, but who knows what actually goes on in their heads 🙂